Welcome to Clayton Children's Center!

What Parents Say

We are so relieved to have found such a welcoming, warm place to send our 4 year old daughter for preschool. She has been attending CCC for 2 years and has really flourished there. The teachers are excellent and they have a wonderful weekly curriculum with a different theme each week. The director, Mrs. McCracken, really looks out for the best interest of every child and runs the school with the highest level of professionalism. Our child has learned through play and loves going to preschool!

Lindsay H.
Clayton, CA

We’re so happy to have found Clayton Children’s Center! We recently moved to the area and were looking for after-school care for our daughter, who begins Kindergarten later this year. I started the search months in advance because I wanted to guarantee a spot for her as early as possible. CCC was the first to respond to my inquiries and our first, last, and only center to tour. Our daughter responded well to all the staff members and children, and she didn’t want to leave at the end of the tour. The director, Mrs. McCracken, informed us of an immediate opening in their full-time pre-K program, and although our daughter was currently enrolled at another preschool, we decided to take the opportunity and switch schools mid-year to secure our spot and help her acclimate as soon as possible. We’re so glad we took the leap. In the few months she has been at CCC, she has really flourished, academically and socially. CCC provides a warm and welcoming environment in a beautiful facility, which is lovingly and meticulously cared for. I give it my highest recommendations!

Gina Y.
Clayton, CA

This school is AMAZING and the only after-school care in Clayton I would trust. My son attended the school for 5 years, age 3-7 and our experience the entire time was outstanding. The difference between CCC and other schools is the staff. Mrs. McCracken and Mrs. Freddie pour themselves into making sure every child flourishes. I will forever be grateful for them and what they have done for our son, our family and the rest of their students.

Kelly S.
Clayton, CA

After having taught preschool at another school in the area, I had certain personal standards about where to send my daughter for her last year of preschool. My daughter loved this school from the very second we toured it and it was hard to get to her to leave the playground! I knew after that, I HAD to get her in there. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the staff at Clayton Children’s Center is! I’m sad that she’ll only be there for a year before she goes into TK because this place is an absolute gem in our community!

Carrie R.
Clayton, CA

When my first born was about 2, I inadvertently came across an in-home preschool facility. I toured it, loved it, and knew we’d send him there. Just for giggles, I also set up tours on two other preschools nearby, one of them being Clayton Children’s Center. We came for a tour, met with Mrs. McCracken, and before we left, I knew THIS was the place for my son. I didn’t even bother touring the other facility.

I was a little apprehensive about how he’d do on the first day, after never having been cared for by anyone but his parents. A week or two before the first day of school, we went for orientation and he had a blast playing there and didn’t want to leave. It was just enough to get him to look forward to returning and, to my surprise, he did not look back at me once that day and has always looked forward to going to school in the two years we’ve been attending.

The teachers put together a curriculum for each week, and send updates and pictures of the children learning and playing together. Everyone is so friendly and feels like family in how they look after our children. My youngest will be old enough this Fall to attend the 2 year old class and I can’t wait to see how she does!

Christina S.
Concord, CA